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Imagine a crystalline chrysalis … what would emerge?

Character development should be transformative.
But such transformation also takes time to prime and prepare. Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon… like the crystals growing from the accumulation of earth’s elements….

We know that an individual’s sense of self takes time and effort to cultivate and grow. Delicate like a butterfly yet tough a rock, but also shining in crystalline beauty.

At MJC, we want to help you find and grow that self: discover who you are, what you stand for, what drives you.

You will also learn that, just as you have a beautiful self, others do too. How then do we reach out to build lasting, meaningful bonds with those around us?

What happens when your sense of self comes under pressure? From studies, from competitions, from relationships? We help Meridians cultivate the resilience to persevere, the determination to overcome, and the integrity to remain honest to yourself.

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